Various UDK Projects

A list of various projects & level design concepts built with UDK.

Responsabilities: Level Building, Visual Scripting, Documentation

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Pocket Dungeon

Announced title edited by Bulky Pix and developed by Uncanny Games.

Responsabilities: Game Design, Programming (Unity 3D)

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OIO The Game

Puzzle/plateformer game made by Uncanny Games. Released since Octobre 2011.

Responsabilities: Programming (Unity 3D), Q.A., Game balance

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End-year project at Supinfogame. Kino is a game about narrative storytelling and video editing.

Responsabilities: Game Design, Level Design, Programming (Unity 3D)

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FPS “Portal-Like” made with UDK (work-in-progress).

Responsabilities: Level Design, Programming (UnrealScript)

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Shift 2 – iPhone

Mobile version of the original Shift 2 by Armor Games. Developed by Fishing Cactus.

Responsabilities: Level Design (60 levels)

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Prototype of a flash game concept at Fishing Cactus.

Responsabilities: Programming (Flash)

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Metal Gear of War

Stealth / Solo Map for Gears of War

Responsabilities: Team management, Cinematics, Script (Kismet), Video Editing (Trailer)

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Silent Leelh

Flash Game made in 5 days at Supinfogame.

Responsabilities: Game Design, Programming (Flash)

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Fly Me to the Moon

Flash Game made in 1 month for the french studio LE-CCCP.

Responsabilities: Game Design, Programming (Actionscript 3)

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Flash Game made in 1 month at Supinfogame and edited by King.com

Responsabilities: Game Design, Programming (Actionscript 3), Sound Design

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L’Île Perdue

A Neverwinter Nights persistent world I manage during 2 years.

Responsabilities: Level Design, Script, Community Management, Game Master

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